Announcing the Indigenous Voices of Sustainability

From Earth Sayers Website:

“Ruth Ann Barrett of joins with Ilarion Merculieff (Aleut) of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways to seek funding for the development of, a Web-based search engine or gateway to curated video content advancing the Indigenous voices of sustainability as well as those of our citizens, from all walks of life, who address environmental, social, cultural and economic issues as part of their work on behalf of Mother Earth, her children, and the next seven generations to come.

Our team is uniquely positioned to help carry forward, with our broad base of skills and expertise, the Elders’ call for a change in consciousness, a move from head to heart guided by the Laws of Nature, a weave of nature with humankind. Additionally our objective is for our wisdomkeepers to be found in top search results, consistently and frequently, using a blended taxonomy of Indigenous and sustainability-related search terms to increase “findability” and engagement.”

For more information please visit Earth Sayers Wisdom Keepers.TV announcement