Individual & Community Wellness: The Real Human Being

RHB_FF_Thick-Billed and Common murresThe elders say we cannot offer the world that which we do not have… If I am internally in conflict, internally not in harmony, internally sick, internally without wisdom, how can I help others? So, the elders say the most unselfish act you can make for your people is to heal yourself so that you are a real human being again.
When thought, feelings, words, behavior, and actions are all in alignment with our hearts, when the heart tells the mind what to do, and we are present in the moment, we step back into our true being-ness, and we “Walk In Beauty.” This is the basis for true intelligence of the real human being.
This intelligence is not in the head as taught by Western society, but in the body, and only when we slip out of our thoughts.  We used to use all the senses and abilities of the body—smell, taste, hearing, sight, touch, feeling, intuition, dreams, and the ability to be present in the moment—out of thought—to know and understand ourselves and the world around us.
We are called to return to these ways of knowing and to take our place as the real human being. This is something we must do. And it is the most selfless self-serving act we can make.

“[T]he soul-hurting experiences of our ancestors are like a shockwave through time that has transferred the condition from generation to generation by action, behavior and words.”- Yup’ik Eskimo Harold Napoleon, The Way of the Human Being

We have learned that the spiritual healing of each individual is central to the healing of the whole community and the elimination of conflict… The underlying cause for personal and external conflict is our disconnection from the sacred within all things. The fundamental cause of this disconnection stems from experiences that wounded our souls.
The healing the wisdom-keepers talk about is the process of reconnecting to the sacred within all life, beginning with each of us.

“No community can exist in our minds without what we call the ‘qualities of the real human being’, which is open heartedness and total acceptance and support of each other.” ~ Ilarion “Larry” Merculieff


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We Must First Forgive Ourselves

Summary: Raven speaks with Larry Merculieff of the Seven Generations Consulting
in Anchorage, Alaska, on the need to first forgive ourselves.
Source: KAOS Radio. 2011.

Laughing Buddha
Summary: Short video about the healing power of laughter with Mooji.
Source: Be the Buddha with no bliss,, 2010


Individual Spiritual Healing Central to the Healing of the Whole Community
By Ilarion (Larry) Merculieff
Summary: In a poignant and heart-tugging recount of Aleut history, Ilarion gives the example of his own people to illuminate our understanding that healing often cannot happen on the individual level. Only as a community can we work together to reconcile our past traumatic events.

The Intelligence of the Real Human Being
By Larry Merculieff
Summary: Merculieff describes the essence of the Real Human Being, an image of humankind where people follow traditional ways, whatever those ways may be, to keep healthy and strong—mentally, physically and spiritually—and present in the moment.
On Health and Healing
By Ilarion Merculieff
Summary: From a traditional indigenous point of view, health and environment are inextricably linked. In fact, it is understood that all in Creation are intimately connected. Most indigenous Elders recognize that our bodies reflect that of the Earth Mother and, like everything else, is inseparable from her. Biologically, our bodies contain the identical elements of earth, air, fire, and water. What happens to our bodies happens to Mother Earth. To get to the root causes of our ailments, we need a wholistic view of health that includes the whole human being and our intricate connection with the Earth Mother.

How to Heal Emotional Trauma
By Nanice Ellis
Summary: “Why is it so difficult to heal emotional trauma? Maybe it is because we do not understand what our emotional wounds really are, and therefore we go about healing in ways that can never work.” Article which describes the emotional wounds from trauma.