Wisdom Weavers Promotional Poster
Hello my other self! Here we can stay connected as a global family to each other and the teachings of the Wisdom Weavers Council of Elders.
As a multicultural council of Elders and messengers, here we will share on the wisdom weavers of the world website:

  • videos from our Wisdom Weavers family
  • invites for webinars with the Elders
  • events where you may catch the Elders speak

We may also occasionally share links to articles or events featuring

  • insight into humanity’s shift to living in the heart
  • victories or calls from the earth
  • practices for mindfulness and connection to our innate wisdom within.

Our intention is to help shift the consciousness of human beings from a consciousness of the mind, to that of the heart, so that the heart guides who we are and the mind fulfills what the heart is telling us.
Let us all allow this to be the guiding principle of this space. Please understand that at this time, we will only approve posts to this page that are within our guidelines: questions for the Elders.
We do invite any further communications, including feedback, collaboration proposals, recommendations on events, articles, etc. via email at connect@wisdomweavers.world.

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