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The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 2018 – Video with Ilarion (Kuuyux/Larry) Merculieff

The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 2018 – Video with Ilarion (Kuuyux/Larry) Merculieff

Thank you for joining us for The Global Indigenous Wisdom Summit 2018 — Earth-based wisdom teachings, prayers, and music to support transformation, healing, and social change.In this video, Aleut elder Ilarion (Kuuyux/Larry) Merculieff has over 40 years of serving his Unangan (Aleut) people and is a carrier of messages from Indigenous Elders from around the world. Larry shares powerful messages from a recent global gathering with Indigenous elders, and speaks to simple steps we can take to begin to understand our sacred purpose, the importance of honoring the sacred feminine, and how consciousness is changing on the planet.For more powerful videos from the day visit https://www.facebook.com/shiftnetwork/videos.Learn more about this powerful event and the The Global Indigenous Wisdom Library at IndigenousWisdomSummit.comPlease share these videos with your friends.

Posted by The Shift Network on Monday, October 8, 2018

Climate Crisis from the Indigenous Perspective, Public Engagement in Geography panel, video presentation, 2018 American Association of Geographers Conference, Louisiana (April 12)

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