The Intelligence of the Real Human Being

 The Intelligence of the Real Human Being

By Larry Merculieff

 Summary: Merculieff describes the essence of the Real Human Being, an image of humankind where people follow traditional ways, whatever those ways may be, to keep healthy and strong—mentally, physically and spiritually—and present in the moment.


In Alaska, the names of our nations in our own languages are really spiritual codes. For example, Inupiaq and Yupiaq (southern and northern Eskimo), Unungan (Aleut), Dene (Athabascan) all mean “the people” or “the real human being”. The intelligence of the real human being is not in the head as taught by western society, but in the body, and only when we slip out of our thoughts. We used to use all the senses and abilities of the body-smell, taste, hearing, sight, touch, feeling, intuition, dreams, and the ability to be present in the moment-out of thought- to know and understand ourselves and the world around us. The information we picked up with these senses and abilities are synthesized by the heart so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We did not simply use only one of these senses or abilities to figure out something. In this context, only using the brain to figure something out is “dumbing down” the true intelligence of the real human being.


Western society teaches us only to use the brain and thought to understand the world, to the point that we no longer are able to be without thought. Thoughts can be useful when we seek to actualize what is in our hearts, or when we access past experiences to assess the probability of imminent danger or harm to ourselves and/or others- and so we act accordingly. Otherwise, staying only in thought may not only useless, it can be dangerous.


It is one’s heart that is in alignment with Spirit. When we no longer can tell what stems from thought or from one’s heart because of the constant chatter in our heads, we become “confused” and we lose alignment with who we really are. We are out of alignment when we think one thing, feel another thing, say and/or act out something else. It is a subtle yet significant piece of wisdom. When I wake up in the morning, for example, and physically go to work but I don’t feel like going to work and I am thinking about what I am going to do tonight while talking with a friend about something utterly different, I am out of alignment in a big way. All of my parts are in different places. How many countless ways do we unconsciously do this every day, re-enforcing our “confusion”? When I am out of this alignment, I am disconnected and separated within, functioning with pieces of the whole, so that I cannot see or experience how I, others, Mother Earth, and Spirit are one.


The Elders teach that nothing is created outside until it is created inside first. When we are separated and out of alignment within, it is easy to separate and be out of alignment without. We are in conflict outside because we are in conflict inside. We judge others because we judge ourselves. We criticize others because we are critical of ourselves. And we trash outside because we trash inside. We have no compassion for others because we do not exercise compassion with ourselves. We cannot love others until we love ourselves first. Nothing is created outside until it is created inside first.


When thought, feelings, words, behavior, and actions are all in alignment with our hearts, when the heart tells the mind what to do, and we are present in the moment, we step back into our true being-ness, and we “Walk In Beauty”. It is the basis for true intelligence of the real human being.