October 21, 22, 23 Bioneers – San Rafael, California

See Ilarion Sat, Session 1:
Act Now, Before It Is Too Late: Messages from Indigenous Elders
As Traditional Messenger for the Unungan (Aleut) People, Ilarion Merculieff is tasked to share messages from Indigenous elders with the world, and to be a bridge from ancient into modern times. This session will focus on timely messages about what needs to be done now. As Mother Earth’s life support systems are being pushed to the edge, elders all over the world are calling us to act and to act now. This means everything we do is relevant, inner and outer. How do we reconcile this with everyday life? What is relevant action, now? With Ilarion Merculieff & Sharon Shay Sloan, council trainer and community steward. Bioneers of all ages strongly invited to attend. Note: This is not a typical council session.

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