At times I ponder on the power of words.

At times I ponder on the power of words.

At times I ponder on the power of words.  Words do have power.  For example, we use words like fish and game, wood, natural resources, Alaska Natives. Let’s take a look at it.  What mindset thinks that animals are game?  Something to play with? Wood is used instead of thinking and saying “this is a part of a tree”. We say natural resources because everyone uses that description. Resources are something to exploit for human needs and the Native worldview does not think of fish, wildlife, and habitat as something to exploit.  They are parts of Mother Earth that must have reciprocation, care and thoughtfulness because everything is sacred.

And what do these terms have in common? They take the life out of the living, to be used and abused as we see fit. These are terms that separate all living things into commodities to be used as humans see fit.

And what about the term Alaska Natives?  We are Alaska Native peoples, with an emphasis on the plural because we are many peoples, not one entity. I urge all Native peoples to consider using the traditional name of your people or if referring to all peoples in Alaska, and wherever for that matter, as Alaska Native peoples or Native American peoples.

Words have power and we must examine the words we use carefully because these words reflect the consciousness that is destroying Mother Earth. If we want real change, we must change our consciousness.

© Larry Ilarion Merculieff 2018

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